The RUSSIAN-SPANISH UNIVERSITY FORUM is an University Association wich counts with the participation of all kinds of members of the university community, from students to faculty members, including former students, teachers, staff, and all those who make it possible for this authentic island of knowledge.

Our goal is to become a common forum for the concerns of the university collectives both Spaniards and Russians, not limited only to those related to strictly academic, but also covering, or seeking to cover, other more mundane concerns, such as politics , sociological, or the economic ones. We also intend to include in this context, the concerns of the European Union and those of Latin America university communities.

We believe, and so we expressit in our founding manifesto, that the spanish-russian bilateral relations are essential for the development of both countries, having special relevance due to the political context of Spain as a member of the European Union; and we consider Russia as the main strategic ally in building a Europe with a significant weight on culture, economy and military deterrence, which counterweight the role of Almighty superpower that the USA holds nowadays.

Likewise, we declare that the European Union must make a strong bid for an «not-aggressive» opening eastwards, this is, always bearing in mind the cooperation and approval of Russia in all actions taken, and defining a common political horizon which opens to a possible unity or strategic union of European countries where Russia takes an important active role.

Finally, we understand that there is a permanent editorial line of hostility towards Russia and Russians in almost all the Western media in general, and particularly in Spain, aiming to convey a distorted image, and far away from the current reality, of Russian nation and its people. There is now a clear purpose to erode the image of Russia in many mass-media, through a continuous and monotonous dissemination of the image of Russia as a non-democratic country, without separation of powers, with few civil rights, without press freedom , not based in the rule of law, in the midst of a «covert dictatorship», corrupt, and semi-dictatorial.

Russia, like Spain, has made a transition from a dictatorship to democracy, and both nations have nowadays the solid foundations necessary for the normal running of a modern liberal democracy and all its organizations that guarantees formal and individual freedom. Like Spain, it has been, and it is hit by international terrorism, which becomes in Russia radical Islamist separatist. Whoever strives to give an image far away from formal Russia, it is not showing an accurate picture of reality.

The RUSSIAN-SPANISH UNIVERSITY FORUM is an independent association, composed of idealistic people who doesn´t owe anything to anybody, and whose views are completely independent and objective.